Programs & Studnet Services

How Do Our Programs & Student Services Help You?

We believe that in order to make a difference in the lives of the young men and women on our athletic teams, we must provide them with the programs, student services and tools necessary for success in the classroom.  We intend to create an atmosphere in the Thornton Center that encourages the students to take advantage of the support available and provides a place of welcome.  We have high expectations for our students-athletes and have many programs and services designed to build champions in the classroom.


What Programs & Student Services Are Provided?

Tutorial Assistance

  • Provides supplemental instruction to student-athletes for any of their courses

The Writing Lab

  • Assists student-athletes through all stages of the writing process for any discipline

The Math Lab

  • Assists student-athletes with expert individualized tutoring and group study sessions related to math

Academic Practice

  • Provides a quiet and equipped environment that offers structure, support, and supervision conducive to learning


  • Provides mentoring that prepares student athletes by developing their time management and organizational skills
  • Creates a day-to-day structure and fosters a sense of accountability for students’ academic responsibilities
  • Facilitates comprehensive academic support program in conjunction with the Office of Disability Services
  • Assists student-athletes with disabilities (physical, psychological, and learning

Transitions Course For Newcomers – Counselor Education 212

  • A career and personal development course that assists new students with their transition to college
  • Course material focuses on reading and test taking strategies, technology training, stress management and coping skills, career preparation

Volife Skills & Career Development

  • Provides post-graduate opportunities
  • Presents workshops on personal development issues, resume building, and interviewing
  • Provides opportunities for community service
  • Sponsers Career fairs that provide student-athletes with opportunities to network with employers

The Renewing Academic Commitment (RAC) Program

  • Assists former student-athletes in achieving their goal of graduation from the University of Tennessee