What is EVOLVE?

EVOLVE is a mentoring and learning program that assists in organization, time management, study skills, and test-taking strategies and provides general academic support.  In addition to regular mentoring, ACE student-athletes attend learning enhancement sessions about note taking, researching strategies, and stress management among other valuable academic topics.

EVOLVE also encompasses the comprehensive academic support program for student-athletes who have a documented educationally impacting disability including all learning, psychological, and physical disabilities.


Who benefits from EVOLVE?

All student-athletes who we consider to be at-risk as well as all student-athletes who have documentation from a certified clinician that identifies an educational impacting disability are eligible for the program.


What does EVOLVE offer?

  • One-on-one mentoring specifically designed for the learning needs of each student.
  • Administration of screening tests and evaluation of results.
  • Access to our Learning Specialist, who serves as the liaison with the Office of Disability Services to arrange disability accommodations based on each student-athlete’s needs.
  • Assistance with using appropriately designated accommodations which may include extended time for testing, assistance with note taking, assistive technology training, and obtaining books and other printed materials in alternate formats.
  • Expertise regarding disability laws and the accommodation process.
  • Study skills training, learning style assessments, and individualized assistance with implementing study strategies and compensatory techniques that are tailored to each student’s strengths and limitations.


Additional Information

Each semester screening is provided to all incoming students.  If a student has a preexisting diagnosis, contact our office and arrange an interview with our learning specialist. During that meeting, your educational background will be discussed and your diagnostic documentation will be reviewed.

Student-athletes enrolled at the University who suspect they may have a disability should contact Megan Anderdson, 974-1250.  An initial screening and interview will be conducted to determine if deficiencies exist. If additional testing is needed, students will be referred for a complete assessment.  If the results indicate a disability, the necessary interventions and accommodations will be provided as determined by the University’s Office of Disability Services.


Ms. Meghan Anderson
(865) 974-1250