Volife Skills and Career Development


What’s This Program About?

The Volife Skills and Career Development program at the Thornton Center is designed to prepare student-athletes at the University of Tennessee for life after the completion of their collegiate careers. Student-athletes, in general, have a skill set that makes them attractive to both employers and graduate programs.  While we will never discourage student-athletes from pursuing professional careers in their sports, we strongly encourage them to become involved in something beyond academics and athletics.  Experience with community service, internships, on-campus organizations, part-time or summer jobs, and networking are examples demonstrating a well-roundedness that will allow student-athletes to stand out as potential employees and/or graduate school applicants.


How Does This Program Help You?

The Volife Skills and Career Development program offers the student-athletes assistance in every aspect of career planning and decision-making.  We also offer resources, programming, and/or referrals for every facet of student life.  It is our mission to support University of Tennessee student-athletes in both their academic and athletic endeavors and assist in preparation for the next phase of their lives.

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